25 June 2015

Lewis Carroll was the Mad Hatter - a Synchronicity insight

Yes, he was. 

Alice: “This is impossible!”
Hatter: “Only if you believe it is!”

I couple of days ago I was recapping on the Theory of Synchronicity of Carl Jung, (as my life seem to be clearly ruled by it) when I read the Wikipedia page article… In that article there was a photograph and quoting of Lewis Carroll. Immediately when I saw that image I had THE synapse. I just knew it! Carroll and the Mad Hatter are the same.

On Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter helps Alice to see things for herself, to question old concepts. He brings her enlightenment and curiosity at the same time the alluring character nurtures a fascination for the young girl. That’s what Carroll did on real life as well. 

He was fascinated, obsessed with youth, in particular for children and teen girls. He photographed them both dressed and nude. Now whether he was pedophile or not, that’s subject of study. (Though all indicates that he had a strange relation to his own sexuality.) Among the children he had close contact/friendship with (yeah, sounds weird for nowadays society standards, but that was during Victorian days…), one was the altar of his fascination, Alice Lidell. See the image to the left.

Way before I read and researched more about the close friendship between Alice and Lewis, I had seen her on a selection of his photographs. The expressions and mannerisms he captured immediately talked to me that ‘this is Alice from the book.’ Fact which I later verified. 

To the right (black & white) the image which gave origin to this insight... I just added the hat, of course ;)

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