18 June 2015

Moonspell: Extinct & Breathe

Extinct, the opening track of Moonspell’s latest studio homonymous album, with a beautifully executed video-clip, directed by Victor Castro.

What makes it special, in my opinion is its well-composed photography, smooth pictures, and soft values. The costumes, make-up and casting makes a wondrous contrast of ideas such as the beautiful and the grotesque, the classy and the thrash, the oppressor and the oppressed. I like the use of positive and negative spaces in some of the scenes.  

And here, a ‘lyric video’ (those have become trendy lately!) of The Last of Us, a poetic ballad in the same album. Indulge in the astonishing artwork by Seth Siro Anton.  

I have the wishful thinking that they will also make a video-clip for ‘Malignia’…

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