27 June 2015

Therion Videos: 'Les Fleurs du Mal'

Les Fleurs du Mal* is one of my favourite Therion albums. I fell in love with it since the first audition. It is unusual (more than the usual-unusual therioness!) and it is sung in FRENCH (collection of old French songs à lá Therion). Oh my!

* Allusion to Baldelaire....

Following, the music videos they have made for this album, so far. Enjoy!

Mon amour, Mon ami - my top fav song and video. Melancholic, poetic, tragic, just like love itself.

Note: Some people complain about this video... What makes them uncomfortable when they see breasts? As an artist who studies anatomy and see naked people images on a daily basis, I really wonder... Also, it's all within a context.

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