22 June 2015

Vincent Van Gogh: Self-portraits... Or self-obsession?

Most people with basic knowledge of art have heard of Vincent, the (in)famous Dutch impressionist – who chopped off his own ear. His most popular works are remembered for their strong, dynamic palettes and juxtaposed strokes. I have been ‘impressed’ by his paintings since I was a kid. Specially his self-portraits…

Whenever I’d look at Vincent’s paintings I would associate them to nightmare. For me they were nightmarish manifestations of his very soul. I’d felt enthralled whenever I stared at his portraits…
That’s because he looks like a different man, in each one of them. You have similarities (character), which is easy to recognize on them all – but with slight characteristic changes on his facial/anatomical features in general.

I see a somber, troubled  man in each of his portraits. In some of them I see these also a hint of anger, contentment, longing, wondering, pure sadness or a hint hope that seem too far away to be ever reached. In a few portraits, the strokes not only make his countenance deformed, but slightly monstrous…

Here’s a selection of Vincent’s self-portraits. See for yourself.

See more of his self-portraits @ Wikipedia. 

Visit also Van Gogh Gallery: www.vangoghgallery.com

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