21 June 2015

Wanderings on Darker Shores: A Collection of Strange Tales and Poems, by Cora Pop

SYNOPSIS: Brush shoulders with a few ghosts... Catch a glint of the Moon on a fang... Hear the grinding of zombies' teeth... Reflect on mirrors and souls... Get a whiff of otherness, from the earth, from the sea... Wander beyond the veil of reality with this eclectic collection of tales in prose and verse. That is, if you dare...

* * *

REVIEW: 5 out of 5 stars

Cora Pop’s debut Wanderings on Darker Shores is one of those books for the lovers of the fantastic Fiction, for lovers of twisting and imaginative stories. No… It is more than that! It is also a book for those with a blackened heart and lust for the lyrical and the dark.

It is a book packed with short stories and some poems, leaning into different directions of the fantastic, from fairytales to sci-fi and a mix of those. Cora’s writing has a poetic undertone and the magic to keep you wondering on what she meant in between the lines. It is the old stylistic of the Brothers Grimm with the boldness of Stephen King.

From the stories, my personal favorites are Attic, A Mother’s Gift, False Mirror, Hunger, A Harvest of the Deep and All-Inclusive with Jellyfish. Overall, I enjoyed the stories, except for a couple which were not much my alley, but were fun and cozy to read anyway.

This is the kind of book you read in between breaks, or during the evenings when you search some time to relax. It is best enjoyed with your favorite beverage and comfortable clothes. You may fly, dive, solve mysteries and participate on weird, strange events. On top of that, it has a beautiful, pleasant layout and a wonderful cover.

If you’re looking for a fresh dark read and discover a new voice in speculative Fiction, I urge you to put your hands on Cora’s book and let it swallow you into a wondrous world of shadows and strangeness. 

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