01 July 2015

Coverama – The Art of Marc Simonetti

Image from IT'S ART MAG (I.A.M.)

I’ve bought this outstanding book earlier this year while in Paris for IT’S ARTMASTERCLASSES full event, in which MarcSimonetti was one of the speakers. (And I should also add here that I learned and reviewed a great deal of composition techniques during his charismatic and insightful presentation.)

I have also been lucky enough to have it signed… But Marc went beyond that and drew a Bob Sponge Batman with dedicatory on the first page of the book ^.^

I first came across his work a couple of years ago, through the CG Gallery held at IT’S ART MAG website. 

What I find remarkable about his paintings are the bold colors he makes use of. He creates many different moods through his amazing palettes, and they never cease to leave me in awe.

Another strong point in his work is the way he composes. I find his compositions so well balanced, so fitting for the motifs, that just like his palettes, his lines, shapes, balance never cease to catch my eyes.

Marc is a craftsman when it comes to scenes, environments and landscapes. He can bring you right into the worlds he depicts.

Coverama is a big, heavy, bold book, which I think covers everything from his career, from beginning to nowadays. The paper quality is soft to the tough and represents the colors just right. 

Below, you can see some thumbnails I copied from his website – these are a few which I love! Please, visit his portfolio for more artwork, info and bigger images :) 


These images are all included in the book.
Marc Simonetti's Website: art.marcsimonetti.com

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