10 July 2015

Staying home this Friday night? ‘Then Enjoy The Silence’ with Depeche Mode… or Lacuna Coil.

Enjoy the Silence’ is that one classic you cannot forget for your one-person’s (or million people's) party. Released at the dawn of the 90’s, the song has the spirit of the late 80’s.
The nice thing about the video clip are the band shots, like some sort of living-photography, other than that, just stick to the tune! Hail Depeche!

Now, you can also ‘Enjoy The Silence’ @ the voice of Cristina Sccabia and awesome instrumental of Lacuna Coil. Here they play the song as if their own. A cover with personality and which I think works like heaven.

Visit Depeche Mode’s horrible site: http://www.depechemode.com/
(Yeapp, navigation sucks there!)

Visit Lacuna Coil’s sexy website: http://www.lacunacoil.it/

PS: Which version do you like best? For me, I LOVE both ^.^ 

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