03 July 2015

The Art of Roberto Ferri – The classic, the beautiful and the grotesque

Roberto Ferri is an artist I discovered recently on a research and instantly fell in love with his work and arrived at the conclusion that he is one of the best artists I ever came across. For me it has the fine balance between realism and photo-realism. While I praise the first I despise the latest, especially modern photo-realism...

I’d describe him as being a contemporary Romanticist, as his paintings have every element we recognize in the art of classic Romantic painters, from the warm, dim lit palettes to elements of the Fantastic and Mythological and the grotesque... And sometimes, even profane. (Check his gallery for some profanity \m/, I am not posting it here for the sake of some readers.)

I am very pleased with his aesthetical choices when it comes to human anatomy. Beautiful proportions and skin tones and undertones. Another peculiar aspect of his work is his use of asymmetry. The idea of beauty turning grotesque and dark because of it.

Enough with the blah. Indulge.




When I ‘grow up’ I hope to be as good as him and Pierangelo Boog.

Visit Roberto Ferri’s Portfolio: www.robertoferri.net

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