17 August 2015

Join me in Death - HIM

I much into darker subgenres and tunes of metal, however, I happen to enjoy a lot of HIM. What?! HIM? It sounds pop-ish, though not entirely so... It has a melancholy, beauty and Romantic style on its lyrics which always catch my attention and flavours.

Here is my favorite HIM tune: Join me in Death. It is also my fav video clip of this band, because it has a great tempo following the rhythm of the music. I love the photography. The values, composition and restricted palette make me sigh. Cold blue with a  hint of red always works on paintings... and on this video too!

I also loved the makeup which game Ville a more androgynous look.

Visit HIM's VEVO* channel. Click HERE.
* Have no idea what that VEVO stands for, but a lot bands have that logo on Youtube :S

And I won't link to their official website, because it sucks... there's nothing but tour dates :S

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