18 August 2015

The Art of Me... Helheimen Design

Since I started the blog I have been weighting whether I should promote my work or not here... There are so many other amazing artists out there, that I want to share the love with you. However, I thought... Maybe  it could also be interesting for the visitors here to know what kind of blogger I am... I should have some credentials when talking about art, right?

I will not talk about my assignments and stuff I do in the art community, rather share a hint of my work, a few Goth-ish personal pieces which I find fitting for this blog's style - since I make also Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Historical artworks :) 

One of my latest pieces, a revamp of an older concept: "Once upon a Rose". It has a melancholic warm palette. I'm very fond of the skin tones.


Here is a portrait I did of Van Gogh a while ago. It is based on several of his self-portraits and has a melancholic tone. I call it "The Dark Van Gogh." it was also recently published on the Italian magazine Terre di Confine dedicated to the Fantastic and speculative - you find it on Page 252.

"The Angels are Falling", done during winter, 3 years ago or so... when I was feeling kind of down.

Elisa, a portrait of the lead character of my Gothic novella, "The Night of Elisa". This palette was challenging as it is very colorful and I had to find the fine balance on the tones.

And last - so I don't overload - a speedpainting Fan Art /study of Sharon den Adel, whose voice I love.

That's all folks! 

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