06 September 2015

The Accoustic, Melancholic Verses of Green Carnation

I was working yesterday (Yeapp, working weekend) @ a book cover illustration and as usual, I had to put on some good music to make my time painting for others more interesting... 

So, I browsed through some older CD's and found Green Carnation's Acoustic Verses. A very calm, beautiful album as the title suggests. Despite the lightness of the instruments, the lyrics are absolutely dark and melancholic.It is a short album with 8 songs - I have the Brazlian edition. I got a copy of it from the record company, as I worked there making advertisements and preparing the CD's artwork and packaging for printing, but that was 9 years ago... :)

The tracklisting follows as:

1.Sweet Leaf
Here you can imagine a Hype version of Queenrÿch playing something rhythmic and gloomy. Sweet Leaf has a great, strong cadence at the same time it keeps a slow pace. Kjetil's vocals do remind me of Geoff's, though it is much more smooth and pleasant.

2. The Burden is mine... Alone
One of my favourites of the album, and one of the best calm songs I have home. It is soft as water and as dark as an abyss. It is sad and redeeming. if you're in a sensitive day, it may get tears from your eyes.

3. Maybe?
Is a lullaby to make you dream if you could make/have things differently. It is also a song where emphasis is on the vocals.

4. Alone
One of the most alluring instrumentals I have heard, beautiful rhythm and arrangements. The melody is so elegant and engaging, a mix of folk and classic and the lyrics are like an old fairy-tale book with passages about nature... and the nature of the man.

5. 9-29-045
A masterpiece of music, a song divided into 3 parts:

Part I - My Greater Cause
As melancholic and beautiful as it can go.

Part II - Instrumental

Part III - House of Cards 
This part sounds very different from the first, and in the inverse order, it is as beautiful and as gloomy as it can get.

>>>You may want to read the lyrics @ the Encyclopaedia Metallum to bless your intellect and reflective abilities - and have your own view about what the music means to you.

6. Child's Play Pt 3 
A song which adds to the whole, though it is not of my taste. Musically in the same level as the others: great!

07. High Tide Waves
Strange intonation in the vocals and an unusual melody makes this song a mind-trip! In some parts can remind a modern Pink Floyd. Like the previous, not so much for my taste, though an amazing tune.

08. Six Ribbons (bonus track) 
One of the loveliest songs, a medieval verse, in lyrics and melody. It has also a female, sweet tones voice contrasting with Kjetil's. A love song - of the purest feeling.

The Acoustic Verses is in its wholeness a work of beauty, mastery and finesse. It is not for the masses, but for those with refined taste for music, also brilliance of mind. If you still find a copy of this black diamond lingering somewhere, don't hesitate in making it yours.

And here is a cool video I found, where they play  9-29-045- PT I - My Greater Cause:

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