06 November 2015

Blue Monday and a Thursday from f* hell – an angry post

>>>This post starts with Blue Monday

On a very  Blue Monday, a very nice client whom I have made cover designs many and many times before, contacted me for a new assignment. It was simple… or appeared to be. I should make a cover for a certain title, based on the imaged attached in the e-mail.

So I did, it, the way we usually do when we work together: I do a complete new design out the drafts he send to me. I did a completely new, cool cover out of the image attached in the e-mail. I sent a couple of versions to the client, and he loved one of them. Great! Now I could prepare the files for printing.

This Thursday – yeapp, this very Thursday that passed now – I saw a new e-mail from the client when I checked my inbox in the morning, and there it was… ‘Please make the cover as in the original draft.’ – was a request of the author/publisher my client was licensing.

And there it started a never-ending tale of changes to the file. I did a change, my client approved, however the other end didn’t. They always had a new thing that needed to be added, changed/removed, and formatted. I counted over 12 hours working on those changes that bloody Thursday and in the end – a brilliant good selling cover became a loser-dull-ugly-amateurish cover to fit the demands of the licensees of that title.

My client and I ended up the day exhausted, very late in the evening, wishing to kill the licensees.

Moral of the story:  The things we do for our clients when they license work from unprofessional people who want to publish books with non-selling cover and the worse design possible fucking suck, but are necessary. In the end of the day you discover you’re not a quitter, that you can’t win all the battles and compromises are necessary. In the end of that day, your client remembers how much he loves you.

>>> And ends up with Electric Rattlesnake, headbanging orgasm! \m/


  1. Cool songs! Haven't heard them before.
    I'm not sure what exactly this client/licensing thing was, but it surely was unpleasant... :-( With a good lesson at the end. :-) When you're a professional you know what to do.

    1. Hi Cora :D Nice to see you around here! ^.^ Glad you liked the songs as well :) I think I can simplify the license as this: one of the presses I do book covers for got the rights to publish the book in question in their country. The copyright holders, which are from another press/country were the ones were the ones micromanaging the cover design... which turned out awful! :P
      Cheers, and on a note: how sweet the squirrels have eaten of your Halloween pumpkins! Love those fellas!

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