05 May 2016

"Worlds" By Raphael Lacoste, help funding this amazing art book!

I have been to I.A.M. MASTER CLASSES this year and the year before, and both times I have had the pleasure to meet and greet Raphael Lacoste, Art Director of Assassin's Creed franchise and other cool games. His worshops were very inspiring, and it was nice to discovered that he began hs carrerr in the theater and nontheless, nurtures love for landscape photography.

I.A.M. (It's Art Mag) has now a crowdfunding campaign - CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT - where you can participate, pledge and get rewards / copy of this great artbook!

Below, a selection of beautiful digital paintings by Raphael:


Visit Raphael Lacoste's website: www.raphael-lacoste.com

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  1. Thanks, Isis! Amazing art... So many stories in these pictures...


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