16 June 2016

The 69 Eyes - Universal Monsters

This is not an album review... It's just my quick opinion about it...  (You can see a real review here @ Intravenous Magazine UK.) I have waited for this album, and a few days ago my husband and I got our copy. (It came with a nice slipcase which i am gluing on my office wall! ) The cover is an instant classic, simple, bold, beautiful design, which speaks to us goth-hearted. I have listened to it many times, and almost all songs became instant favourites, such as Dolce Vita, which you see in the clip here:

Overall , Universal Monsters is very well produced. The band is not afraid to innovate adding bits of other styles to their goth rockabilly. It has a bit soft mood overall, but it's nonetheless, dark, seductive and rebellious.

And here, one of the album's very best songs: Jerusalem. This one is very controversial for ME, I love, love, love the beat, cadence, arrangements, but... Why yet another song about Jerusalem? This is such beaten theme for rock/metal bands... Just my opinion... However, as artists, they should do whatever fuck they want ;)

Their website is out of date, so, not posting it here this time.

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