07 August 2016

Louna, a Russian Rock/Punk/Alternative band - one of the coolest bands I have discovered recently


Last year my husband discovered a band, which he started playing from the web and that sound resonated with me. I loved the toning of their music, the arrangements and the amazing vocal technique and voice of their front girl (one of the coolest I have ever heard).

The lyrics were aggressive, true, original even thought they talked about themes often explored by other rock bands. There's also a criticism towards Mother Russia, as every rock band oughs to criticize  their own land...

My husband searched for their CD in a lot of stores, and it has proven rare and difficult to find. We are old fashion, we collect CD's! :) So, a beautiful day, like a couple of months ago, he found it for sale at a German webshop. And since this wonderful music pearl arrived at our home we have played it loud quite often.


LOUNA - BEHIND A MASK is in our opinion, their best work, it's the most punk-ish, heaviest, bad-ass of them all. 

Somehow, after this they have changed their music to a softer, more popish style. As artists they can do whatever they want, of course. However, as fans of Behind A Mask, we would like them to do more stuff like that.

By the way, our CD is sang entirely in English, but the videos here shared are sang in Russian and some of them are not from this album.

This song MAMA is a musical orgasm. I love the version in the video, but the version on the CD above is the absolute best, in my opinion.

Visit their website: lounarocks.com
Visit their Youtube Channel

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