16 August 2016

On The Rocks, a Horror Erotica short story by Elizabeth Morgan

5 out of 5 stars!

I had never read an Erotica before. (Not kidding!) So this is my first read within the genre and I am glad it had to be a story by Elizabeth Morgan. She writes exceptionally well and there’s a great flow in the plot.

On the Rocks is a Horror/Dark Fantasy subgenre short story, and that’s the main reason why I enjoyed it, as a big fan of both styles. Now, imagine, combining something dark and spooky with something beautifully sexy and you have a roller-coaster of moods throughout the book! Like, going from a “hot” moment to a “chilling cold” creepy scene! (That’s brilliant!)

In the space of a short story the author was also able to show nice characterization. The protagonists (and others as well) read like very distinct personalities, which adds more depth to the work.

I cannot tell much of the story without spoiling things. So let’s say I’d have to create a logline for On the Rocks, that would be “Hot bartender chick meets mermaid from Hell.” Now, go on, grab your copy and have some fun!

Visit Elizabeth Morgan's website: www.e-morgan.com
Visit her GoodReads page. Click HERE.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review, On the Rocks. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) xx

    1. My pleasure, Elizabeth! Thanks for the opportunity! I had a great time with your book!


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