19 September 2016

Entangled, the music of Arctic Void

You know when you listen to a band for the first time and you say "Wow! This is fucking awesome!" Well that was my reaction to the swedes of Arctic Void. One of the coolest bands I have discovered in a long time. They knocked my socks off and I felt as if we were old fellas.

I love their mix of Industrial, Prog, Power and something Goth. The vocals, male and female are delightful and the instrumental is top notch.  Entangled is a musical masterpiece, hopefully the foundation for another great albums to come.


Here is an Youtube vid:

And here, check out their page at Power Prog website to listen to Entangled, the full album or purchase it: http://www.powerprog.net/releases_arctic_void_entangled.html

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