24 October 2016

The Music of The Birthday Massacre

Over a decade ago, when I worked as graphic designer for an indie Heavy Metal/Alternative music record company, I did posters, magazine advertisements, web banners and other marketing materials for many CD's / DVD's (Blu-Ray wasn't out in the market at that time!). Among the many bands, I have designed stuff for The Birthday Massacre, when their second album was out, and that was how I first came across their awesome music.

They have a very original style, something very atmospheric with the work of the synths and something sweet and beautiful with the vocals of Chibi. They are also heavy, since elements of metal and industrial are equally important in the mix. The lyrics have oftentimes a surreal/dream-like quality that will make you wander through dark paths and strong feelings. Throughout the years their music has evolved and became much better technically speaking, but their originality and captivating nuance still remains.

And that is why I am sharing their their awesome music with you today! Indulge!

Visit their website: thebirthdaymassacre.com

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