“For the love of artistic and soulfully manifestations such as music, painting and the written word. All within a dark spectrum.” 
The Darkest Soirée was born out of a necessity: to collect and write about things which I love, things that keep me curious, interested and fascinated. As they are many in the vastness of the universe, I thought about narrowing it down to the main categories such as Images, Music and Books, three things I can’t live without. This is also a place to chill out, to take a time off from work and the vicissitudes of life.

ADDENDUM: As of August 2016, I will also include some lifestyle posts from now on.


Isis Sousa: I’m most known for my work as Fantasy cover artist @ Helheimen Design. This is my day job, combined with a few Non-Fiction cover designs. Once in a while I do CD covers and artworks for metal bands on a freelance basis.

I am also a Gothic Fiction writer. The Night of Elisa is my most popular work up to date, it's an illustrated Novel. Visit Tragic Books to learn more about my Fiction and Art Books.

tragicbooks [ at ] gmail [dot ] com