28 December 2016

We moved to Wordpress!

A new Year is coming and a new blog for The Darkest Soirée is already out, at Wordpress: 

Hope to see you there! :)

22 December 2016

Eleanor's Gift - A Gothic Short story - Now available at Wattpad

Eleanor's Gift, a Gothic short story that I wrote and illustrated is now available on Wattpad - with original sepia illustrations!!!

You don't need to be logged in to read it there, just browse it as visitor :) 

10 December 2016

Book Review: Nightlife: Selected Cuts from Dark Albion, #2 by David Brian

5 out of 5 stars!

Genre: Horror

Synopsis: Jason Briggs' night may be about to go from bad to worse. An earlier break-up with his girlfriend was followed by an argument that ended in violence. Now, he finds himself alone among the hustle and bustle of Saturday night clubbers... And then he meets the girl.
Jason is attracted by the pretty stranger, but it quickly becomes apparent she is troubled and seeking assistance. Jason offers to help, though his motives are less than chivalrous.
However, there are other forces in play this night; other eyes watching, waiting, stalking...
Jason's life is about to get even tougher.

Nightlife: Selected Cuts from Dark Albion, #2 is a seven-thousand word short story, originally published in the Dark Albion collection.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My Review: I found this to be a highly entertaining short story. David takes us in the mind and actions of a repulsive character, Jason, who is completely immoral and selfish. And we get our hearts heavy when he takes advantage (polite way to call what he does) of a ‘mysterious’ young woman, whose mind/ability to think seems to be damaged.

On the other side, we get to see things from the POV of Boss and his lab crew, and then we begin unveiling their relation to the mysterious girl. She was a bio-weapon of some sorts and Jason, who took advantage of her as much as the scientists/government did, became contaminated and died in a horrific, disgusting way, bring epic poetic justice to the plot.

I liked David Brian’s protest with and by the end of the story and I second his message.
Recommended for Horror fans for those who are non-conformed with our so-called ‘authorities.’

Side notes:
1. If you are a woman, there’s a chance the story may be disturbing for you, due to the lead’s actions. But he gets what he deserves!

2. To think about this story and the protest it represents… It’s REALLY disturbing the thought that there are governments doing a lot of unethical things and using people on obscure experiments may even be part of a sad reality. It has happened in the past, there’s no guarantee that it is not happening somewhere in the globe. And it’s not only about experiments… anything, really. That’s the real horror happening out there.

Visit David Brian's website
: www.davidbrianwriting.co.uk
Visit his GoodReads Profile: www.goodreads.com/DavidBrian

08 November 2016

Lifestyle: Thirteen Clothing, everyday dark clothing

I came across Thirteen Clothing from UK via Tweeter and I loved the nice selection of women's and men's clothes they posted on their profile. They are casual, they are street wear, they are every day's clothes with one thing in common: they have a beautiful touch of darkness.

These pieces are for you, who have a dark soul or alternative lifestyle and would like something more comfortable to commute in the city or have a less stressful time at the office or uni. Or for you, who simply enjoy the modern yet organic, edgy look of their collections. 

Where to find them? Check out their website: www.thirteenclothing.co.uk

Now, enjoy some looks I copied from their Twitter and share here with you:


24 October 2016

The Music of The Birthday Massacre

Over a decade ago, when I worked as graphic designer for an indie Heavy Metal/Alternative music record company, I did posters, magazine advertisements, web banners and other marketing materials for many CD's / DVD's (Blu-Ray wasn't out in the market at that time!). Among the many bands, I have designed stuff for The Birthday Massacre, when their second album was out, and that was how I first came across their awesome music.

They have a very original style, something very atmospheric with the work of the synths and something sweet and beautiful with the vocals of Chibi. They are also heavy, since elements of metal and industrial are equally important in the mix. The lyrics have oftentimes a surreal/dream-like quality that will make you wander through dark paths and strong feelings. Throughout the years their music has evolved and became much better technically speaking, but their originality and captivating nuance still remains.

And that is why I am sharing their their awesome music with you today! Indulge!

Visit their website: thebirthdaymassacre.com

07 October 2016

The Art of Howard Pyle: Book Illustrations

I came to know the work of Howard Pyle through my father, who has always been an avid reader and collector of books. I love the cleverness and allurement of his book illustrations, in their simplicity they are highly sophisticated and incite my fantasy. I could only wish that more of modern day books had such illustrations.

Another nice thing about this estadunidense artist is that he was both author and illustrator! (Like moi!). He did not only drawings, but also paintings... I however don't like much his paintings. They are charming, and very interesting, but they lack finesse and depth and because of it, they have a flattened aspect, which again, make them look more like colored drawings than paintings. 

Oh, but the drawings! I am sharing a selection of his drawings, of some of the pieces I like. I had copied these images to my private files, for study matters. It was long ago and I am pretty sure they were from Wikipedia, but now they are not available at his page anymore... So I cannot credit the source now.


03 October 2016

Gothic Beauty Magazine: Lifestyle, Arts and other Gothic Things


Whether you consider yourself a Goth or not, Gothic Beauty Magazine is a great place to see about Music, Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty, Arts and Photography, as well as interesting events with a dark appeal or related to the Gothic Scene of the US and worldwide.

Issue 49 (AKA the Halloween Issue) is now out for pre-order. You can purchase it HERE. However, you don’t need to wait until All Saints Day to give yourself such a treat! With Gothic beauty Mag, in print or digitally, you can enjoy the dark side of life year round!


There is also a selection of back issues for sale at GB mag webshop. Perhaps you find a model of feature that is special to you in one of the older mags? You can check/order them HERE.

Enjoy the many free and awesome articles (like this one) and pics (like these) at Gothic Beauty Magazine’s website and be an insider.


19 September 2016

Entangled, the music of Arctic Void

You know when you listen to a band for the first time and you say "Wow! This is fucking awesome!" Well that was my reaction to the swedes of Arctic Void. One of the coolest bands I have discovered in a long time. They knocked my socks off and I felt as if we were old fellas.

I love their mix of Industrial, Prog, Power and something Goth. The vocals, male and female are delightful and the instrumental is top notch.  Entangled is a musical masterpiece, hopefully the foundation for another great albums to come.


Here is an Youtube vid:

And here, check out their page at Power Prog website to listen to Entangled, the full album or purchase it: http://www.powerprog.net/releases_arctic_void_entangled.html

09 September 2016

Tragic Books upcoming release: The Picture of Dorian Gray in Quotes and Nudes


For those who love art and the acclaimed Gothic Classic "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde, 24th October you have a calling. Tragic books, with license from CMG Worldwide, is publishing a beautiful art book with 60+ quotes of the original novel accompanied by 20 fine art nudes studies by Isis Sousa.

The book will be exclusively for sale at this link: http://tragicbooks.com/picture.html

And the editions are limited! 150 Paperbacks + 150 Hardcovers. The purchases will be numbered. There will be no second edition or reprint!



08 September 2016

Stoker vs Coppola / V. Hart: my loathing opinion about the original Dracula’s ending

If you’re a diehard fan of Bram Stoker, you may not like this post and therefore I even invite you to leave right now…

Dracula has been one my top of the top favourite stories for 21 years, since I first read it at the age of 10. But wait… I have a strange relation with this book. In 21 years, I have read it over a dozen times, and yet, in some-very-strange-weird-how I had never made it to the very ending – UNTIL NOW.

Let’s rewind things a little: I had watched the movie several times as well (completely, until the end) along these 21 years and every time I watched it it was like the biggest thing, the greatest love and redemption story.  I have cried many times as well while watching some scenes and I have always told to myself that I hoped someday I would be able to put together a story as maginifique as that one.

Back to the present: In the past couple of months I made a promise to myself, since I am also aiming to be a better writer: I HAD to read the book and for the first time, register its ending. And I did it.  I DID IT!!!



The gods of writing have mercy on my soul, but that was the worst ending possible for this epic tale of Gothic!!! At the very end, when our readers nerves are about to jump out of our skin, the Count, whom we barely see in the story, is powerless in a box of earth , already very close to his castle, and is killed in the blink of an eye in a coward way, then he turns into dust and… That’s it! There is a lot of momentum before this part – and there’s nothing to keep the reader hooked during this crucial passage. In fact, it makes things so easy for the “hero” who kills him, that I had to read it twice to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. I was like: Huh? That’s it?

And then, the completely boring, colorless "happy ending"  of Ms. and Mr. Harker…

And one final thought: the story should have been called "Van Helsing" and not "Dracula". Since the count’s participation in the novel is minimal. I loved the character of Van Helsing, it was a fantastically well done one. However, the count itself could have been more explored and gained more weight through the plot to balance things.

This is what V. Hart and Coppola did. They saw the potential that Stoker failed to see and worked on those, not only making Dracula a formidable character and enemy, but also giving the plot a more complex, mature story with AN EPIC ENDING.